Project: “Strengthening Rural NGO Capacities for Sustainable Civil Society Development in the Rural Areas of South Kazakhstan Oblast”

is implemented by Public Association “Bereke” with the financial support of European Union in the amount of 288,647 Euro.

Project target communities: Turkistan town, Kentau town, Saryagash rayon, Shardara rayon, Maktaaral rayon, Otyrar rayon, Baidybek rayon, Sayram rayon, Kazygurt rayon and Tolebi rayon of the South Kazakhstan Region.

Overall objective: Develop democratic society in rural areas of the SKO through strengthening the capacity of local NGOs, promoting broad-based citizen dialogue and participation in the communities.

Specific objectives:

  • Build technical and management capacity of rural NGOs;
  • Strengthen cooperation between NGOs, local government, and private sectors to carry out joint activities in order to solve community problems;
  • Improve the way in which journalists cover key issues by enhancing their professional skills;
  • Promote youth civic leadership and volunteerism;
  • Promote gender equality policy in the rural communities and empower women through the project’s activities;
  • Build public awareness through developing information networks to communicate project results and creating a sustainable resource of accurate information;
  • Cultivate network, partnership and cooperation among South Kazakhstan NGOs to address civic participation, human rights, gender equality issues on a regional level.